Secret Service Project
by Brooke L.

I did a secret service project to help other peoples' days be brighter. People said it was impossible. Or is it possible?

  A secret service project is where you are doing something good without people knowing. I listened to a friend who was struggling, did my homework without being asked, cleaned my room, took out the trash for my brother, and much more! I did all of these things and they were a secret. It made my days easier.

  I did many things. On Sunday, I drew a picture for my dad, it made him smile! The next day, I listened to a friend that was struggling, and I gave her some caring advice. On Tuesday, I did my homework without being asked, and it helped so much because when I got home from volleyball that night, I didn't have to get my mom to stay up late to help me with it. Wednesday, was my favorite day. I took out the trash for my mom and brother, my mom was confused and surprised because I never take out the trash! It was helpful because she didn't have to rush it down to the curb in the morning. On Thursday, I cleaned my room and organized some drawers and my mom said "now you can find everything easier!". The next day, I asked my mom what I could do for her, this was on Halloween. So, I helped her by getting ready and getting into my costume. Saturday, was the last day. I smiled at three random people. I didn't get to see there reaction, but it looked like they liked it.

  The secret Service project impacted me a lot. It made my day and other peoples days' brighter. It also impacted me because I learned that you can help anybody, anytime, any day. It was so much fun. I never knew helping other people could help me to!

  I loved doing this project. I wish I could do it again. It was fun to see people smile, and that one thing could make your whole day better. It didn't even feel like I was doing an assignment for school, it felt like I was just having fun.

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