Synchronized Ice Skating

One song. One team. One body.

This program can only be achieved through great communication and trust within the team.

Haydenettes - Senior

The team of 20 girls that work together each season to bring out the best in synchronized ice skating.

A team player needs....

- a flexible personality

- enjoys sharing both success and failure with others

- understands and values their contribution to the team

- doesn't need to be the center of attention

- has a supportive and positive attitude

How does synchronized skating work?

Through a simple, yet very complicated answer. Communication.

Communication within the team is necessary to....

1. Avoid injuries. When one is on a team, you must take every precaution to not injure yourself. The injury you get does not only affect you but the entire team.

2. Find a bond. A team that communicates and enjoys being with each other is a successful and fun team.

3. Win. If there is not any communication throughout the program, the team is unable to understand each other and execute the perfect and clean program necessary to win.

How you communicate with your team members?

Team practices. As a team, you are required to attend team practices with all the members at least four times a week for a minimum of two hours. During this time, you will retrieve information, not only from the coaches, but also the team members that will grow and become your second family. The team will bond every moment that you are together. From the locker room, to traveling with the team for competitions, to practices, and just spending quality time with each other. This is how you create trust and communication with your team.

The Evolution of Denver Synchronicity from the  beginning of the season till present day

Denver Synchronicity Intermediate Team at the start of August.

This is what happens when too much communication happens, the whole team ends up matching and being cowgirls for Halloween. We aren't only synchronized in skating, we synchronize in everything we do.

Why Not Synchro?!?!

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