est. 1756

Brief History

It all started when Churro CandyCrush decided to escape the Federal Republic of Sugar Rush, so he setup on a journey to find land across the Syrup Ocean. After five months of extensive searching, hunger and thirst one of Churro's men spotted land. Years later after the discovery of the vacant country, it was decided to name it CandyLand. The geography of the land was great, the soil was fertile, it was warm during summer and cold during winter. On June 2nd 1756 CandyLand was officially established.


The typical CandyLand buffet would include a veriety of gummies such as jellybeans, DOTS, gummy bears and bubble gum. It would also include lollipops, candy canes and even crystal candies. The most common drink is usually soda. CandyLand's citizen's bodies are already immune to the amount of sugar they consume everyday. Diabetes and obesity don't exist. The geography of the land allow multiple candy choices to be farmed and produced.

political and social organization

Candyland's government is a Monarchy, it is led by King CandyCrush. When the King was still a part of a Federal Republic he concluded that by having a monarchy things would run more smoothly and people wouldn't be cruel to one another since they have the same beliefs. One of the few laws that must be followed is to be cheerful, and if one is spotted feeling a little down try to lift their mood. Another law is to never bring anyone down. The punishment for any offense is that they will be sent to licorice swamp and the amount of days depends on the offense made.

Relationships to family

The average family in Candyland consists of only four family members: the mother, the father and two children. The family usually lives in a two story home with their pets. Citizens of Candyland tend to date for a longer period of time before getting married. Divorce is legal, however the percentage of marriage resulting in a divorce is very low. The relationship between the kids and parents is very well. Children are taught to respect their elders and to obey any rules that have been set.

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