Swift Funds - Promotional Materials

Swift Funds is committed to boosting membership numbers for every gym that enlisted their services. Without ongoing memberships, gyms and fitness centers would cease to exist and no longer able to provide their workout environments to the public at large. Thus, Swift Funds is happy to provide promotional materials to their partners in order to help the health clubs continue to survive the growing industry.

With items, such are post cards, posters or banners, Swift Funds can readily create and acquire the necessary materials for a gym’s promotional campaign. Some of the simplest forms of media content are the most attracting the human eye. Whether it is through window clings, banner stands or even the more fancy retractable banners, a message will be conveyed for the gym that promotes whatever message the gym is looking to promote. Custom postcards or even letters are the best way to send thank you notes to customers, celebrate membership anniversaries, or even special discounts. Email newsletters can also be used to promote bringing a friend or family member to the gym for a special rate.

The enticement of membership is the goal of gyms across America. As a partner to these gyms, it is a goal of Swift Funds to attract customers to the fitness centers connected to their programs. Providing promotional materials is merely one of the ways Swift Funds looks to benefit the gyms partnered with them. Whether it is through online media or physical materials, in or outside of the club, Swift Funds is focused on helping gyms.

Swift Funds: New Membership Management

Swift Funds has health management software that can easily handle all types of membership data form start to finish. Whether it is learning the initial information from a prospective member or the transition for prospect to full on member, the health club management software form Swift Funds is just the product gyms need to manage their fitness centers. This health management software can benefit any need of any gym in America.

Turning processes almost completely paperless, electronic membership agreements can save the company money and turn the gym into an environmentally friendly club. Emails are automatically sent to new members who sign up for the gym memberships. Agreements can be customized by the health club to fit the needs of a member or to match the services their fitness center offers. The programmable software can easily be modified to fit whatever process of sales that fit the gym. A photo can quickly be snapped of the customer to easily match the face with the electronic paperwork, in order to avoid confusion with multiple customers.

Furthermore to benefit the new member of the gym, templates for payment plans are readily available to be assigned to any member. However if the new member requires a different type of payment plan other than what is already set in the software, a customizable plan can be made ready without any hassle. With this highly customizable and programmable software provided by Swift Funds, any fitness center or health club can manage their health club with ease.

Tips for Creating a Strong Business

Being successful in any business takes time, patience and determination. There are several things that need to be looked into when starting a business. Once your business is up and running, you will need to pay close attention to a several issues. The business world is very competitive and knowing the factors that can contribute to your success is important. Here are a few tips you can use to create a strong business.


Without proper planning, a business cannot succeed. As you plan, there are some things you need to keep in mind. When you are planning your business underestimate revenues and overestimate expenses. When you start a new business, your expenses will be at least 30% more than what you initially planned, and your revenues will be as much less as well.

Sales and Marketing

In business, things happen when sales are made. You will need a proper way to find leads and convert those leads into sales. You will need to make certain you keep getting sales from your existing and new customers. You must create a sales and marketing strategy, test it and implement it. Everyone in your company should be able to utilize your marketing and sales strategy.

Create Ways to Increase Profits

For your business to be successful, you will have to find leads and convert those leads into customers and increase the number of times your customers buy from you will help increase profits. When you intensify the normal price point of the sales, you will automatically increase your profit margins.

Add Value

Instead of offering your products on discount, add value. Discounts will take money out of your pocket and affect your profit. Creating value propositions for all your products will bring success to your business. Hold on to your price, add low-cost or no-cost extras and increase your margins. These will not cost you much, but will help build your business.

Swift Funds have been in the financial services business for several years and offer exclusive financial services for fitness and health centers.

Customer Client Tips for a Successful Business

Customers are key to your business becoming successful. The more customers you have, the better your business will do. However, if there is no proper customer and client relationship, the business could suffer. After all, it is the customers who generate income for your business. Here are some suggestions you can use to develop better customer interactions.

Building Better Customer Interactions

If your sales team has good customer service skills, that’s a great start. However, you will still need to make sure they relate to your customers properly.

Identifying common grounds or interests with the customer will help humanize the relationship and help your sales team relate to customers better.

Your sales team should be able to listen to your customers and know what they want. You can rephrase and clarify what the customer wants so that you understand them clearly. Empathize their feelings with appropriate responses.

Admit it if you make a mistake, even if the customer has noticed it before you. Doing this will help in building trust and will also restore confidence. It puts you back in control of the situation and help re-focus on the customer’s issue and resolve it.

After solving the issue, follow-up with the customer to make sure the issue stays solved. You might want to send an email or call them to check on the issue.

Swift funds is a company offering professional financial services for the health industry. The company uses innovative technology and measures for payment and other transactions so fitness centers can focus on taking care of their clients’ needs.

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