Swift Funds - Software

Swift Funds is a financial services company whose bread and butter is managing the accounts receivable for health clubs, fitness centers and gyms across America. So if the health club management software wouldn’t make complete sense if they did not have that bill service installed in the program. Fortunately, for gyms everywhere, their software does have their billing service already inside it.

Swift Funds provides years of experience in the financial industry, specifically in the accounts receivable for health clubs. That same experience is put into their successful software program gears to help manage health clubs. Most fitness centers have monthly billing times and sessions. These are automatically put into the system each month on the day agreed upon by the gym and the member. With each new member that comes in, the software will update the company on the date, or at a set time before if desire, the payment is due. It can create a service membership that will monitor members who are on a yearly or monthly payment plan. Notification can be given to the member and the gym when their plan expires. Customizable packages and plans are available along with preset templates for easy use.

Swift Funds has created the perfect health club management software program for any gym, at any size, and anywhere in the country and matches the prowess of its financial services. With the software continually being updated, if there are any flaws in the system, Swift Funds is able to correct them quickly, without hiccups becoming more.

Swift Funds - Boosting Profits

If you are the owner of a gym, fitness club, yoga studio or other membership-based facility, Swift Funds has a number of software solutions that can help boost your profits and take your club to the next level. They do this not only through helping create custom solutions that can help make the process and operations of running our club easier, but also through boosting member involvement and ultimately membership rates.

One of the most important things that Swift Funds knows how to do is helping you save money. Through creating electronic, streamlined processes of member registration and payment, there is no need for filing cabinets or cashiers. And by analyzing and reporting on member check ins, you are also able to see what times your gym is most and least crowded, helping influence efficient scheduling strategies for your staff. This way, you can minimize the possibilities of being inappropriately overstaffed or understaffed.

Another great benefit that Swift Funds offers is the boosting of member involvement, which includes not only keeping your memberships strong but also gaining new ones as you go. With effective e-mail marketing campaigns, you can reach out to new potential members and entice them with specials or free tidbits of information that could eventually lead them to you. With the added memberships on top of your cost-efficient business practices, your profits will surely skyrocket with the help of Swift Funds.