A Saturday Adventure

Coming Nov. 8 from 10 am to 2 pm @ Imperial Pools of Madison


A Special VIP Invitation

Come see, touch, & listen to the next big thing in backyard fitness & entertainment.  

Introducing: Swim-Spas

This is a special invitation for you and your family to come and enjoy snacks, fun, and entertainment at Imperial Pools Madison location. There will be door prizes and 15% off any in store items.

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19 people are going
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Ashley 3 years ago
Paul and Sandy Burns (+1) 3 years ago
Joe (+5) 3 years ago
Cameron 3 years ago
Doug (+2) 3 years ago

Free food! I'll be there.

Rick Burns (+5) Organizer

Looking forward. Very interested.

? Chris, Cristy 3 years ago

Going to try and make it, looks like a great time. Thank you guys for the invite

? Rickey Joe 3 years ago

Looking forward to it.

Jim burgin 3 years ago
Bottomley, David 3 years ago

We will be at an all day meeting that day- thanks for the invitation