The Brotherhood of Light

                                             Shining Light On Diablo Grande's Conspiracies

Black To Represent The Lies Of Diablo Grande

Yellow To Represent The Truth

The Sun To Represent The Truth Shining On Their Lies

The Truth Behind The Constitution

Constitution Of

The Brotherhood Of Light


The name of the rebellion Is The Brotherhood of Light



The Constitution of Diablo Grande states that they will provide justice, tranquility, and perseverance yet there Is corruption, unrest, and apathy.

They say that they preserve self-determination and a sense of community yet everyone is indifferent and there is an extremely high rate of murder and robberies occurring all across their nation.

Our purpose is to expose their lies and corruption and replace them instead with truth, equality, morality and purity.


The requirements to join the brotherhood of light are simple.

all that is needed to join is an understanding of Diablo Grande’s corruption and a desire to end it. Everyone is welcome and will not be treated any differently. The only expectation is to try at all times to stop Diablo Grande’s corruption while spreading the brotherhood’s message of freedom.


The Brotherhood of Light’s government will be a democracy. The leaders will be elected by the people, for the people and no one else. In case of any corruption, treason, or any other action by any member of the brotherhood that may compromise the freedom, individuality, and security of the brotherhood, that person will be punished accordingly. The punishment will be dealt by the people, who will decide what actions to take regarding their crimes.


The responsibilities of the government are to provide food, water, and shelter. The responsibilities for the people are to try to end the tyrannical ruling imposed over the people of Diablo Grande.


There will be laws set in place to protect the people’s rights. Members of the Brotherhood of Light will have the freedom to do whatever they want as long as their actions don’t compromise the safety of the people and their freedoms.


Basic education will be provided for everyone and further education will be available as well. All basic education will be free and everyone will receive it. Secondary education will be available to anyone interested in Pursuing A Higher Degree Of Knowledge To Support The Brotherhood And Will Also Be Free. Everyone Must Have Basic Education, secondary education is not required of anyone


The symbol for the Brotherhood Of Light is the sun.

The Brotherhood’s Flag Has A Black Background With A Sun On The Side And Yellow Bars Coming Out Of it.

the black background represents Diablo Grande’s corruption, lies, and evil. the sun represents truth and freedom.

the bars coming out of the sun represent the sun’s light shining on the lies of Diablo Grande and replacing them with everything the brotherhood stands for.


The figurehead for our country is a physical representation of the sun, who will lead the Brotherhood Of Light to victory against Diablo Grande.

The Brotherhood's Figurehead:

The Figurehead for the Brotherhood is The Sun (Physical Representation).

Figurehead Characteristics And Abilities

The Figurehead for the brotherhood has the power to know what anyone is thinking. He is wise, powerful, and leads the brotherhood against Diablo Grande. He is fair and promotes equality and freedom. he also has the ability to replace corruption and evil with purity and kindness.

The Story Of Our Leader

Before the rise of Diablo Grande, the world was a place where everyone was free. There was creativity, innovation and equality and there was no night, just day. the sun shone everywhere and there was no darkness. When Diablo Grande came to power, it created crime, inequality, and corruption and caused the sky to become dark for a portion of the day, preventing the sun from shining its light and truth on the world. Seeing this, the sun came down to earth and started a group called the Brotherhood of Light along with a few men and helped is grow increasingly powerful each day with its goal to bring the light back to the world. When the Brotherhood grew powerful enough, the sun returned to the sky to shine light on the path that the Brotherhood had to follow in order to defeat Diablo Grande.

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