Sturgis Charter Public School West, IB SL 2, Theatre, D block
Danny O'Connell     9/5/14

The D block Theatre Class has started to explore and investigate the idea of devising we were given a stimulus and asked to make something theatrical I was amazed at the levels of separation the devising process can take before a "final" product ("final" because you have never truly finished a piece of theatre). The exercise was extremely beneficial in helping me to understand the levels of seperation that can exist between a stimuli and a final product this can cross over into classes like English where the idea as simple as for example gold in Chronicle of a death foretold symbolizes honor can be come a five paragraph essay or into math in geometry you can start with a small amount of data and use what you have to find data which you can use to solve more problems and on and on, or in history how something as small as a wrong turn by the driver for arch duke Franz Ferdinand can expand and take shape over time and end up with something like the holocaust. this is an easy way of teaching a large life long principle that things change and in the end you never have what you had in the begining.

Class Narrative Entry 1