Millions Made and Many More

Regan Holgate 4/16/2014


Still reachable
but distant.
He lives
like a dog tag to
our brains;
Mr. Worrell
King of fourth grade.

We always had fun.
Michigan flag grasped,
chants along
to his fight song,
"Hail! to the victors."
Exuberance races around
although to gradually fade.

His grin
in remembrance.
His dog Buddy,
damp on newborn canvas.
Those spectacles worn,
at the peak of his nose.
Fumbles of speech
as the lenses whisk past
his untrimmed nose hairs.

All memories.

Once lived,
living on.

Showing us
how far we've come
along our journey,
and how far we have to go
until we
move on,
move on.

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