LADP, When you do it right, it looks good

I Was as an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #34

On my last few nights here in the great State of California. I settled up and made my peace with those who were open to putting the past in the past.

This time next week, I will be sharing my post from the Inland of Oahu. Don’t be jealous, I will be working, believe that. I will just be working for myself, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Location, location, location!

Should things go accordingly, which I'm, sure they will, I have a mad support team and with what I know; the determination to succeed, nothing can stop me but me! I'm no longer my road block, my worst enemy or self-obstructionist.

It's time to make things right!

I would like to take a moment to share with LADP and the officers whom which I had the pleasure of observing a few nights ago.

LAPD,  still have a lot to improve upon, but as I mentioned above, it looks good, when it’s done right.

There is always a financial element to every police interaction and citizens are losing out. One could see this as a conflict of interest, considering who the employer is. The state, for which law enforcement issues citations, relies on interaction, like a cash register.

My indifference is not with officers, for the most part. It’s more with the process, in which policing keep a portion of society underrepresented and profits immensely.

A new Police Officers annual wage in the City of Los Angeles STEP 1 is $49,924! As Commanding Officer assigned to multiple departments within the City of Los Angeles must justify every position like a register. Protecting and serving is not nor has it ever been a money maker.

Citation, citation, citation

Those doing the policing feel they must benefit from those whom they police.

Of the two traffic stops I witnessed that evening, I did feel they were a bit intrusive, with exposing ones chest and midsection, in search of something which was clearly not evident. The passer byers we’re more in dismayed and had content towards the officers, based on their comment as they passed my space.

I say that only, because of the enormous positive interaction seen over the years.

We will always have a need for policing. We will always have a need for protecting and serving. Law enforcement will always have a need for citizens who don’t mind recognizing those who get it right, because when they do, it looks good and should be recognized.

Nice job LAPD on Hollywood Blvd!

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