Am I dreaming? Or is the Heaven..

Calling all lice from far and near! I have an amazing place I think you'll like to visit! This wonderful place my friends, is what I call a trench! These trenches are dug by soldiers that fought in World War I.

Why should we visit that dirty place you ask? Because its filled with tons of men with plenty of real estate on their heads! And trust me, it doesn't end there! There are dead bodies and rats everywhere just waiting to be infected with disease. It might be crowded but it still works. And the best part is there are food scrapes on the ground everywhere! And besides many lice have been doing it for a while anyway.

So what's better then that, huh? You've got everything you need, food, humans, rats, and plenty of space to lay your children. Another great thing about the trenches is that once one person is effected, everyone is!!

Another wonderful thing about trenches is that there is literally history in the making right in front of you! WWI! There is nothing better then that! So come on and visit, come infect some humans and rats with us, Come visit the Trenches of France.

So Let me summarize it for you...

1. These are what we call trenches..

2. They are in France..

3. And they were dug during WWI..

4. The soldiers shared the trenches with not only other soldiers but rats as well.

5. The lice affected almost all of the soldiers and a lot of the rats.

6. Many humans even got sick because of the lice, this was called Trench Fever.

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