Ren's Moral Code

Due to my Catholic upbringing, I consistently try to abide by the rules Jesus and the Bible have set forth. This includes the Ten Commandments and the general rules of love and kindness Jesus taught about during the few years He preached with His disciples.I also abide by the legal laws set forth by our government because most are enforced for protection and the betterment of society. Some laws shouldn't be put in place such as certain tax policies, but they are, and i still must abide by them due to not wanting the punishment for being defiant. The sources of morality in my life are mostly my parents, Catholicism, and the general laws set forth by the US Government. I do my best to adhere to this code of morality but it is always difficult with the constant temptations from the Devil to do otherwise. At this point of my life, this is my moral code and it may change as I learn and grow throughout my life.

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