Data Teams That Support RtI

Data Teams-a group that comes together to collaboratively discuss the needs of individual students. The spirit of the process is one of continuous improvement and a no-fault reflection on educational practice. (link to reference)

What does good Tier One look like?

  • Teach essential skills and strategies.  Effective teachers teach skills, strategies, and concepts.
  • Provide differentiated instruction based on assessment results and adapt instruction to meet students' needs.  Effective teachers recognize that one size doesn't fit all and are ready to adapt instruction—both content and methods.
  • Provide explicit and systematic instruction with lots of practice—with and without teacher support and feedback, including cumulative practice over time.  Students should not have to infer what they are supposed to learn.
  • Provide opportunities to apply skills and strategies in reading, writing and math  with teacher support.   Students need to be taught what to do when they get to a "hard word" or "hard problem."
  • Don't just "cover" critical content; be sure students learn it—monitor student progress regularly and reteach as necessary.  Effective teachers adjust their teaching accordingly to try to accelerate student progress.

What Does Tier Two Look Like?

Differentiated-i.e. primary student has the basics of reading but is struggling with comprehension or fluency and needs focused help in those areas.

Frequency of delivery-i.e. tiers 2 and 3 may be getting same interventions but the frequency is less for tier 2 students.

And Tier Three.....

Effective RtI is apparent where...

  • learning is accelerated
  • fewer students are at risk over time
  • decisions about who needs Tier 2 or Tier 3 intervention are reliable and can be made rapidly
  • rates of intervention success are high
  • system goals are defined in terms of improved achievement, improved achievement for students who are vulnerable in the system, and improved efficiency of resource allocation decisions
  • key decision makers look at the effects of implementation and troubleshoot regularly

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