Jan Brewer


Jan Brewer was born as Janice Kay Drinkwine on September 26,1944, in Hollywood, California. Her father died when she was only eleven years old, when her father had been ravaged by constant exposure to chemicals. Also before her father's death her family moved to California seeking dry desert air and clean ocean breezes. In 1962 she graduated from Verdugo Hills High School. Eight years later she married John Leon Brewer in Nevada. The couple both worked in Glendale, California before they moved to her husband's hometown in Phoenix, Arizona in 1970. Years later they relocated to Glendale, Arizona where her husband was a successful chiropractor to finding real estate success. The couple have three children.

In 1981 Jan Brewer started to attend school board meetings, to become interested in her children's education. She served in the Arizona House Of Representatives for three years from 1983-1987. She decided to run for the Arizona Senate from 1987-1996. During her last three years as State Senator she held a senior leadership position of majority whip. Also in 1996 she ran for the chairman of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors when she defeated Ed King. Jan Brewer left Maricopa County in one of the strongest positions of any county in the nation in 2002. The County was was one of the two best managed counties in the nation by the Governing Magazine.

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