Joe Harrison

Male Reproductive System

Sperm is the male sex cell.

Fertilization is when a male sperm cell joins with a female egg cell.

Reproductive system is when the body system containing the organs that make possible the production of offspring.

Female Reproductive System

Cervix is the opening of the uterus.

Endormetrium is the lining of the uterus.

Uterus shelters and nourishes the fetus.


1-8 the cycle begins

9-13 the hormones FSH and LH causes and egg the mature in one of the ovaries.

14 ovulation occurs

15-28 the egg travles through the fall optian tube the uterus

Endocrine System

A chemical communication system that controls many body functions.

Its responsible for your growth.

Its made up of your glands.

Pregnancy and Labor

There are 3 stages of labor.

The last stage only about 20 minutes long.

It takes a male and a female to make a baby.


HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

Aids is a deadly disease that interferes with the bodies natural ability to fight off infections.

Abstinence is a deadly disease.

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