Alyssa Cook

When we arrived at UTA I was excited to learn about the things that are going on like the classes and the majors. I liked the science part the most because the experiments were cool and I felt that it was a good show to present.I liked how the girls that were doing the experiment made a chemical colder then dry ice turn in to a fog like substances.The part i didn't like so much was just sitting the whole time I wish we could have sat in the chairs instead of the floor. The trip was great! Next year they should have more experiments and more volunteers. I hope another day we can take a tour of UTA to see how it looks and how the classes are and where the majors are.UTA has a great athletics program and great classes,however i am not true if i want to apply for UTA because I really like TCU it has a great athletic program and great majors. I really want to apply for TCU,if i don't make it or cant afford it I will definitely apply for UTA because it is a great school.Plus by the video i saw it looks like a really great college to apply to.It is also less expensive to get in.

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