How to Deal with Tech Failures

Top Ten Tech Fails at TIS-KL

1. YouTube videos don't work

2. Wifi doesn't work

3. Websites aren't loading

- Create an offline version of the website
- Create a screenshot of the website
- Export the entire webpage as a PDF
- Click "Save As" on your laptop

For more information on how to cache websites, click on the following website:

4. Devices are not working
- Train students to solve tech problems and assist tech experts
- Get students to collaborate amongst themselves

5. GoogleDrive/GoogleDocs/GoogleSheets don't work (are offline)
- Enable offline mode
- Click on the following screenshot image to go to the website for more help

6. Websites do not work in Malaysia
- Use a VPN browser such as Hola Unblocker or Hotspot Shield VPN

7. Computer lags or freezes?

8. Problems with converting PDFs to Word Documents (and vice versa). Click the button below:

9. How to block up pop ups
- Avast Mac Security (it's FREE!)
- Click on the picture to learn more:

10. Printing doesn't come out the way I want it to
Print screen!
- On a Mac, use command+shift+3 (whole screen) or command+shift+4 (select part to capture)

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2 years ago

Thanks for the tips; useful advice