African Alphabet


    · You will be assigned a letter

    · You are to think of a word starting with that letter relating to Africa then you must draw a picture of that word (they can be a vocabulary word, an animal, or Africa in the present day)

    · You are then to clear it with me before starting

    · It can be in color or shaded but needs to look finished

    · Around the border you need to explain what you drew in the center. You must state at least 5 facts in the border. It must be neatly hand written·

So for example (Which you CANNOT USE) below:

Z Zebra

(Drawn picture of a Zebra)


______/10pts Letter, word clearly written, has also been pre-approved by the teacher

______/10pts Drawing neat, completed, accurate and fills page

______/10pts 5 Facts written neatly around the border

Total: ______/30pts

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