Someone like you.

A story where you can't chose who you fall for.

My most memorable part of the story:

When I found out that Scarlet was pregnant it really surprised me. Her boyfriend had died in a car crash just a few days before Scarlet had found out she was pregnant. She doesn't know whether or not to keep the baby or put it up for adoption. Halley, (the main character and narrator), had her first boyfriend, Macon. Macon was not the type of guy that Halley would have seen herself being with. Halley always obeyed the rules and Macon was never one to ever do that. So to see that Halley found herself falling so hard for Macon really surprised me. Scarlet has a baby girl named Grace Halley and decided to keep it as her own. That also was really surprising because it's going to be hard as a teenager to take care of a baby and try and finish her school work. So I hope the best for Scarlet and her baby as well.

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