I'm Springing into Learning! :)

Tackk board

Use tackk board by:

-  creating QR code

- adding tags so all boards are grouped together #TCDSBBYOD

Purpose of a tackk board - shows what you are learning; can share their notes, links, photos etc...;

No log in but only lasts for 7 days with no account

Collaboration Tool Links

Padlet - like taking notes  

stormboard - ppl work as an interactive white board like prezii

Murally - like prezii, can have live real time collaboration; and chatting feature.  Only 2 active boards only

TitanPad- like google docs no logon needed

Storybird - databank of pictures and create a collaborative story; create a book; create captions

Creation Tool Links

Songza – playlists for kids

PowToon; Bitstrips; glogster, Zimmertwins at school; haiku deck, ED puzzle animoto; wevideo


Use this for guided writing in small groups- Will do this!!

Tool to teach students how to inference; see same picture tell a different story!! LOVE THIS!!

Descriptive Feedback



Self-regulation tools

kidblog -

weebly - blogging website tool

popplet - mindmapping on ipad and webtool


desire2learn - D2L

sesameio and evernote - snap pictures of work e portfolio

Sesameio great for creating e-portfolios. Using it right now to track my students' learning

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