Speaker Of the Year

The National Speakers Association is the nation's leading organization for professional speakers. The group has been providing comprehensive resources and education to professional speakers for more than forty years, and advancing the skills, integrity and value of the speaking profession and its practitioners.

The NSA’s membership covers a broad range of industries and disciplines. They are able to bring powerful messages that matter to audiences. There are independently operated state and regional NSA Chapters throughout the United States providing speakers, educators, specialists in motivation, consultants, and many others.

The NSA is proud of its record with speakers who excel in four core areas: eloquence, expertise, enterprise, and ethics. NSA member speakers are able to use powerful and persuasive elocution skills for effective presentations, and bring knowledge, skill and experience to their speeches.

Randy Haveson was a member of the National Speakers Association, and has been a fulltime professional speaker and consultant since 1999. He has spoken to and consulted with students and professionals on dozens of college campuses, including the University of Notre Dame and Johns Hopkins University, and says that his true passion in life is helping college students and other young adults find their path in life. He is an authority on substance abuse and has been working in the field of addiction and recovery since 1986. One of his objectives as a speaker on addiction issues is to bridge the gape between higher education and the addiction treatment field.

He was named the Showcase Speaker of the Year by the Georgia Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

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