sandra cisneros

Sandra Cisneros was born in december 20,1954 she is

currently 54.She was born in chicago .She went to the college

of loyola in chicago.

B.A. English 1976 and the University of Iowa (M.F.A. Creative Writing 1978).

I've worked as a teacher and counselor to high-school dropouts, as an artist-in-the schools where I taught creative writing at every level except first grade and pre-school, a college recruiter, an arts administrator, and as a visiting writer at a number of universities including the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

include a chapbook of poetry,bad boysMango Press 1980 two full-length poetry books my wicked ways,Third Woman 1987, Random House and a stories called loose, woum womanAlfred A. Knopf 1994a collecting stories woman hollering and other storiesRandom House l991 a children's book hair pelitos.

so thats the life of Sandra cisneros.

Abuelito (1) who throws coins like rain

and asks who loves him

who is dough and feathers

who is a watch and glass of water

5 whose hair is made of fur

is too sad to come downstairs today

who tells me in Spanish you are my diamond

who tells me in English you are my sky

whose little eyes are string

10 can’t come out to play

sleeps in his little room all night and day

who used to laugh like the letter k

is sick

is a doorknob tied to a sour stick

15 is tired shut the door

doesn’t live here anymore

is hiding underneath the bed

who talks to me inside my head

is blankets and spoons and big brown shoes

20 who snores up and down up and down up and down again

is the rain on the roof that falls like coins

asking who loves him

who loves him who?


What type of poem is it.

rhyme __________________

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