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(:This website is for Mesopotamia and Wisconsin Badgers fans:)

My name is Jared Vanderbush or Steak Sauce

So the real topic of this website is... Mesopotamia!! So let's get started.

Major Event

I will post all the major events to help you study and just look around.


If you ask me, I think that irrigation is what feeds us today and what keeps today's world green. All it was (when invented) it was ditches that lead to streams (take with a grain of salt) that would branch out to all the fields that were former cement ponds or at least that's what they felt like.


The Ziggurat ... What a place it USED to be. It would have been an amazing thing to use a a defense in war. Oh, wait I'm pretty sure they used that. You could see from miles around too. But, you have to defend your whole city at the sasme time. Man, i'm derping right now. They needed like 25 people tops at the ziggurat. Because it was usually in the middle of the city.

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