Four Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing Car Insurance

After purchasing a car, the most important thing that bothers every car owner is purchasing the right kind of auto insurance. Auto insurance or vehicle insurance is required to protect your vehicle from the cost of untowardly damages caused due to events such as accidents, natural calamities, or man-made disasters.

With loads of insurance policies available in the market, car owners are often baffled about which plan to choose for their ride. Most of them tend to search for tips and tricks to purchase auto insurance plans, only to end up spending more on additional covers or getting the ride under-insured. After assessing the follies of such individuals, we were able to shortlist a few mistakes that you can avoid while purchasing a car insurance plan.

1> Not Comparing Quotes Online

With the entire insurance industry opting for internet, shopping for a car insurance plan has become convenient and easy. You only need to visit the website of a particular insurer, enter the vital details of the car, choose the insurance period, and generate a quote. This process is free. By visiting the websites of different insurers, you will be able to generate and compare quotes, thus helping you buy the best car insurance policy online.

2> Buying only the Minimum Amount

Who would like to spend more on car insurance policy? To get the lowest premium on the policy, car owners often settle for a basic cover, neglecting the essential add-ons required to avail a comprehensive protection for your vehicle. Before you settle for such deal, make sure you verify the covers available against the premium to be paid.

3> Ignoring Discounts

There are several discounts available on car insurance plans, you are only required to seek them before making a decision to buy one. Before you decide to pick a policy, make sure you ask the insurer or the agent for any kind of available discounts. One of the popular discounts is the No-Claim Bonus or NCB available at the time of renewal of car policy.

4> Choosing the Offline Mode of Purchase

Offline insurance policies tend to be costlier than the car insurance policies online. This is because a part of premium paid is lost as commission towards the sales channel involved. Through online mode, no intermediary is involved, thus helping you avail the best rate available.