The undiscovered ocean

The idea of mystery is what drives people to discover and examine new things. Throughout time we have discovered different "unknown" spaces such as outer space, jungles, mountainous regions, and even different planets. Oddly enough, one of the most undiscovered spaces is located right here on our on planet and even in the back yard of some; the ocean. The ocean is one of the most mysterious and unknown places we encounter. There are places in the ocean that we have never scene and new species are being discovered all the time. One species in particular is receiving increased attention and popularity. The mermaid is a long time mythical creature that is a topic of much scientific discussion in the media.

As seen in this "New Mermaid Evidence: 2013" video, some people take this creature very seriously. Although there is no 100% proof that mermaids do exist, there is also no 100% proof that they don't exist either. This lingering hope is what drives some people on their search for the mythical. People are driven to the unknown, and mermaids are that entirely. There have been many documentaries, or "mockumentaries", as some would call them, about mermaids and their existence. Most people have come to the conclusion that mermaids are, in fact, NOT real. That being said, there is always those people who are set on believing even the scientifically unbelievable.

For some, believing in these mythical creatures is a way of connecting them to the mysterious ocean. We may not have any evidence of everything that is out there, but even unsupported sightings and stretched evidence is good enough for some. Some need to believe that they understand the ocean and the unknown even if they really don't. Critics have commented on these documentaries saying they are deceiving to the uneducated viewer. This website discusses the Discovery Animal Planet show titles "Mermaids: The Found Body":

Many people are saying that it's obvious that such a show is fake, similar to the idea of the "X-Files", while others are saying that the channel should have done a better job informing viewers that is was in fact fiction. Some people will believe anything. Mermaids are a way to believe that they know even the deepest secrets of the ocean, when in reality the ocean is and might always be one of the most mysterious places in the universe. There are countless creatures in the ocean that we could discuss, mermaids are just one of the unknowns that people chose to focus on.