the Boy in the box

The Details

A 1957 crime has sadly yet to be solved. A young, malnourished Caucasian boy around five years old was found in Fox Chase Philadelphia. He was found naked in a cheap blanket and shoved in a cardboard box, face up. The killer most likely felt remorse for the kill as the unclaimed boy was dry and clean, his arms carefully folded across his stomach. Little John Doe had been cleaned up, most likely post-mortum, his fingernails and toenails were cut short and neat and his hair was cut jagged and quick. This could have been done in order to make the boy harder to identify or as an act of guilt. The toddler was covered in bruises mostly on his head and face, all of which were from one attack.

The Mystery

The mystery to be solved is "Who killed the child and why was he never identified?"

The Victim

A four to six year old unidentified Caucasian boy.

The Suspects

There were not that many credibe suspects, but a theory was that the boy was kidnapped or lived with a foster family, so it could have been the child's guardian or abductor. Frederick J. Benonis was also in question because he was the creepy guy from the area and did not report the child's body after he first spotted it.

The Evidence

There was alot of evidene found, but due to poor technology quality in the fifties connections were not made and once that technology could be provided the boy's body was too decayed. The evidence found at the scene was the cardboard box, the blanket, and a man's cap. Other evidence found in the area was a man's white handkerchief, the boy's clothes, hair (the boys), fingerprints and footprints, and that the boy may have vomited before death.

The Proposed Narrator

The narrator will most likely be the killer.

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