Theater Journal

Sarah Swanson

Describe the process of working with your group

I feel that my group worked really well together. Will and especially Liam have really high energy and as a person with ADD working with other high energy people is usually really hard but with this group ideas were flowing non stop and everyone wanted to physically represent their ideas. It was really amazing how we as a whole took the idea of false hope and drew from that idea to create other ideas that are something completely different but still recognizable from the Red Light District video we were shown.

What went well?

The entire piece as a whole went very well but I think the best part was the time spent in the wellness room, being in the theater room distracted me and i felt almost influenced my theater piece because i kept wanting to watch the other groups devising and practicing.

What could have gone better?

Before the performance I was a jumble and I was unprepared because I had to run down the hall to print and to get water and last minute I had to run down to go to the bathroom. Next performance I need to make sure I’m all put together and ready to perform.

Describe the final performance

The final performance with my group was phenomenal. I get very anxious before presenting in front of people, but in this class I wasn’t so anxious. Our theater piece ended up smooth and continuous and had a really nice flow to it.

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