Drug Addictive Babies

Tyra Speight

  • 1. Babies exposed to crack, cocaine, meth, and other drugs often spend longer amounts of times in the hospital immediately after birth.
  • 2. Its very hard to care for drug addicted babies, so most times babies end being sent to orphanages or left at the hospital for extended periods of times.
  • These babies have physical problems that may be associated with their birth mother's drug abuse , may also be slow to develop socially and emotionally.
  • Symptoms they have - low birth weight, disturbed sleep patterns, hyperactive, low frustration tolerance, easily startled, easily woken, poor feeding habits, delayed social skills, and behavior problems. When taking care of these babies try to remain calm, try swaddling, try rocking, don't over stimulate, and try infant massage.
  • Causes- Environmental
  • Detection- Congenital - present at birth
  • Treatment- yes , can take special classes once older.

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