Friday, October 3

Welcome to choir at Lineville!  I am very excited to be working with your child this year.  This weekly communication is intended to help keep parents informed on what is happening inside the choral classroom.  Please make it a habit to check the updates weekly.

Announcements & Reminders

Classroom Communication

It is important for me to be able to communicate not only with my students but parents also.  With well over 400 families to communicate with it is important that families understand how I will be communicating.  Email will be my main source of communication due to the efficiency it provides when trying to communicate with so many families.  Please check your email weekly for information.  If you do not check your email regularly I highly encourage you to sign-up for Remind101 (see below for more info).  If you do not have email, please try to make it a habit to visit my website on a weekly basis.  Announcements and newsletters are posted here (linevillechoir.weebly.com).

Remind101 - Have you signed up yet?

If you have not yet already signed up for Remind notices (formally Remind 101) I highly encourage you to do so.  You may choose to receive notices and reminders to your phone via text message or to your email.  I will use this service to provide concert reminders and 'last minute' reminders and announcements.  I will also use the Remind to let you know when a new newsletter has been posted.

Lineville Choir Website

Please visit and bookmark my website linevillechoir.weebly.com  You can find my contact information, schedule, newsletters, resources, announcements, lesson plans, follow me on Twitter, sign-up for Remind, and much, much more!

Follow me on Twitter

I will use Twitter throughout the year as a means to post updates and concert previews on what students are learning and working on in class.  You can follow me at @LinevilleChoir

Important Links

Below is a list of important links for the school year.  All the links and information can be found on the Lineville Choir Website.  I encourage you to bookmark these sites for future reference.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you to all the parents who completed the online volunteer inventory!  I truly appreciate your generosity and willingness to give of your time!  To show my appreciation all volunteers will receive reserved seating for themselves and their families at concerts (1 job = reserved seats at 1 concert).  

I am still in need of a volunteer coordinator.  I have already collected all of the volunteer information and all the information is stored in a spreadsheet.  I would love to have a parent who would be willing to help line up and organize the volunteers.  If you are interested in this opportunity please send me an email expressing your interest in the position in the form below.

If you have not yet completed the online volunteer inventory please do so by the end of the week.  You can complete the form by clicking here.

Upcoming Dates...

Monday, November 3:  Festival of Choirs, 7:00pm @ Bay Port Field House

Our first concert of the year is Monday, November 3rd. It is the district wide choir concert.

THIS IS A REQUIRED CONCERT. This performance is part of your students grade. Students may not choose to miss the concert. It is not ok to miss a concert because they have other activities. The only excused absences are for illness and family emergencies. Any student who misses a concert will need to participate in the 'make-up concert'. This will take place during guided study at school. The exact date(s) will be determined after November 3rd.

Where: The concert will begin at 7:00pm at Bay Port High School in the Field House.

When to Arrive: TBD - however, students will need to arrive early (for sure by 5:30) so that we can practice our combined song with Bay View and Bay Port. Please note - parents WILL NOT be allowed in the gym until after we have finished practicing (not even to reserve seats). Please plan accordingly!

What to Wear: Students should wear their black choir t-shirts. Students may wear jeans and clean, comfortable shoes. Students may also choose to wear nice shorts (jean or khaki) or skirts (provided they are compliant with the Lineville Dress Code). Students may wear a longsleeve shirt under their choir t-shirt if they wish.

Miscellaneous: The concert should be less than 1 hour, most likely closer to 45 minutes in length. Students need to stay for the entire concert and may not leave until the concert has concluded. Not only is it important for them to hear the older choirs, but they will also be performing in the last song of the evening!

Oh the things we've learned!

6th Grades have been busy mastering their Major Pentachord

5th Graders showing off their new choir skills

Contact Information

Mrs. Doelger
Phone: 662-7751
Email: robedoel@staff.hssd.k12.wi.us
Twitter: @LinevilleChoir
Directs: 5th Grade Choir & 6th Grade Choir

Office Hours: 7:30-8:20am, 3:10-3:30pm