The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

Raul Castaneda

I thank the man is going to grow out the ground.

Photosynthesis=the process of conuerline light energy to chemical energy and storing in the bonds of sugal.

Heterotroph=Is an organism that connot fix carbon and uses organic carbon for grouth

Autoroph=Is an organism that produces complex organie compounds from simple substances,generally using energy from light or inorganie chemical reaetion.

Evolution=Is change inn heritable traits of biological populations over succesive generations.

Is the father the gardener?Yes,he had the idea of making people autotroph.

Is manson's dad a plant?Yes,he was the frist model.

The sitting of story was at tioydyn where everything happend and that every problem get in there.

I think human experimentation is a bad idea because what if something went wrong and then they kill them.They should try on animals.

The definition of global warming is the continuing slight  increase in the eartn's aver age tempeature which scientists believe will result in climate change througout the world.

The definition of a food crisis is long and extreme shortage of food,which results in deaths.

When its to cold plants and animals get freeze and kill theme and thats why people can't get enough food and they die.Now weather change is afeffecting the food cristis by bont liting food to grow corrictly.

Prince E.A. is very sorry for us not carring about the decisions we make.He is sorry for all the mess my living a desert where there was an amazona.

In sothe the garden by SA bodeen and dear future generions sorry by prince EA .The authours argue that people today should make dicisions and consider how they affects people serven generations in the future.Dear future generation:Sorry we left you mess of a planet.Dear future generations:Sorry that we were too caught up in our own doing to do something .When they go to the talk about future generation.

They karner blue is the butterfly.They put in lupine.They have differents tips of plants/house think she have more childian. I  thank that the butterfly is a password of her life.

Oh you don't know much about tress do you?This mean that we have kill all trees just to put some companies that some years later failure.Salomon created the green house because he want to saye the human race because people didn't think alot.

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