How do 'Twitter Lists' work?

Twitter users can sort the people they follow and put them into categories or titled lists.

Take a look at this one minute video by PCMag on how to create a Twitter list or you can view Twitter Help to get started.

Twitter users can find public lists created by others and either:

  • Individually follow people from the list -OR-
  • Subscribe to the entire public list. What is the benefit of subscribing? As owners modify users on their lists, list subscribers automatically update as well.

For Example: The video below will show how to subscribe to a list created by a principal of all the educational Twitter users in her building.

TweetDeck Users

Using TweetDeck is a great way to be able to organize and easily follow your lists, hashtag conversations, as well as a variety of other column options. If you haven't downloaded TweetDeck Chrome App, you can click on the button below to get started!

Adding columns for your created or subscribed to lists is a great way to quickly respond, retweet, favorite, add to a collection, or in general not miss tweets by these important users! See the video below to learn how to add lists to your TweetDeck:

Create YOUR first list today...

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