Op Art Assignment
Aya Ertimi

1.a form of abstract art that gives the illusion of movement by  the precise use of pattern and color,or in which conflicting patterns emerge and overlap.


3.abstract artworks

4. It is to fool your eyes ,to give the illusion of movement,the elements of art used are line ,shape and color.

5. Bridget Riley,Victor Vasarely and M.C. Escher

6. They create artwork that use color, line and  shape to make an illusion of movement or as if the painting is moving .

Bridget Riley

7.  A. 83 April 24,1931.

1.Norwood London

2.Cheltenham ladies collage

3. She travelled,she was awarded the ACA critics prize and she is one of Britians best known artist.

4.movement in square ,1961,Tempranillo on hardboard ,18 1/2 x 47 3/4 in

5. Fall, 1963,emulsion on hardboard,551/2 x 551/4 in

6.Blaze 1,1962,emulsion on hardboard,43 x 43 in

Victor Vasarely

7 .a.march 19 1997 ,April 9 1908

B.pecs Hungary

1. Podolini- Volkmann academy

2.he initially studied medicine,he went through many different styles of art to find his groove on Op Art and he was influenced by early abstract empresionism.

3.ezinor,1949, oil on board,38x30 cm

4.vega,1957,acrylic on canvas,195x130 cm

5.keple-gestalt,1968,acrylic on canvas,160x160 cm

8. Describe

1.In this painting I see wavy lines that are purple and reddish.the elements of art used are line, shape ,value , and color.The  size and medium are PVA on canvas ,87x87 3/4 in


1.In this painting there are wavy lines ,it has movement ,pattern,unity,and rythem .


1.I think the picture is moving like waves because of the shape and the way it looks bumpy .I think the mood in this painting is relaxing because of the wavy lines in it.


1.I like this artwork because it is relaxing .composition because it focuses on the elements of art.

This is fall, by Bridget Riley

This is movement  in square, by Bridget Riley

This is blaze 1 ,by Bridget Riley

This is ezinor, by Victor Vasarely

This is vega, by Victor Vasarely

This is Keple-gestalt , by Victor Vasarely