Legacy project

1. Well, when I think of portraying myself, I think of Avery carefree girl. I try to portray myself  as someone who is funny,caring toward the people close to her,smart and friendly. I also want to appear as someone you can joke around with,and tell your problems to. But this image is only for my friends and family. When it comes to society,as in everyday people, I don't think I present such a big image. Mainly because you need to do something big and important so people even acknowledge you. And when fourteen, the only big difference is that I'll enter high school soon. But this type of event happens every year so it's,again,not big of a difference. But, if these people are total strangers and not my family or friends,why should I care? Like I said,everyday people on the street can be an example of society.

2. Well, to tell the truth,I sometimes thought how would an opposite me be like. So I'll write about that. She would most likely be very feminine,wear skirts and dresses,and other girly things. That,for one,is most definitely who I don't want to portray myself as.  I might be very sociable,participate in many school events, and know many people. I may not be friendly,turn into a snob and be mean. I'm just guessing here since there are many possibilities for an "other me". Maybe one last personality would be that I'd ace nearly every test,be very studious,but more shy and antisocial. So yeah, I'm glad with how I am now.

3. By my family and friends I want to be seen as someone carefree but that can get serious when needed. Also someone who cares for them and can be funny and to joke around with. At Allan Drive I doubt I'll leave a legacy. Because when it comes to leaving a legacy somewhere a factor that you need is popularity and people acknowledging  you. I'm not saying that people don't acknowledge me ,but almost all the people I know are grade eights. So we all would be leaving to high school. And I don't even know many people in the school. Also, by me, you would have to participate in many events, like athletic,talent or music. But I don't mind whether I'm leaving a legacy or not.

4. Well, I have a Facebook account but I only use it to message friends,play some games,or commission some stuff. I always thank the person I commission from. And I'm careful to not swear. Mainly because it's the internet but also because now when someone goes to a job interview,the first thing they do is search your profile or account for something  and see what you do in the social network. I mostly commission stuff like banners or drawings,and that would be about it. Anyway, I don't think I will leave a legacy on my digital footprint because I don't post much on my account and I also don't have many friends. But I don't mind.

Character traits

Funny- is when you do something that's so amusing, those people end up laughing. I chose it because when I started talking to some of my friends, I said something and they started laughing. When I asked what trait would suit me they said I'm funny. And I chose to believe them.

Silly-is when someone acts random and says random things and can also be considered funny. Also,they don't need to make sense whatsoever,and still be funny. I chose this trait because nearly always during recess,my friends and I just do random things and act that way,and can also be very ridiculous. But no matter how silly it's still fun.

Carefree-is when a person doesn't have any worries,can relax or have fun whenever they think it's the right time to do so,and doesn't have any problems to deal with. I chose this trait because I don't really have any problems or worries to deal with. And most of the time I either have fun or just relax.

A quote that would describe me well would be "DO IT". No more,no less said. When it comes to my free time most of all I apply this saying. It may not be said by I-don't-know-what-well-know person,but by everyday people, but this is the quote that describes me well. For most of the time,especially when want something to be done, I don't think,just do.  

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