The Civil War

The Life of a Union Soldier

Journal Entry 1

To ever whom it may concern,

This is the account of my life during the Bloody War. Who am I, you might ask. I am Mikael Ragnarsson, a Norwegian immigrant who currently resides in Maine, with my wife Cecliila, and my children,  a 8 year old  boy named Bjorn and and a 5 year old girl named Eliza. At the time, I was an abolitionist, or a person against slavery. I fought for the Union side of America, to liberate and preserve America.

Journal Entry 2

Grace- I just came back from a hard battle. I had to use my pepperbox and my arkansas toothpick a lot. Hornets were flying everywhere

Michael- Hey possum! Where is the joy juice? One of the sawbones fixed me up because I had a hornet that a greyback hit me when I was tight. These bones are as rare as hen’s teeth, as you say?

Natalie- I am fit to be tied because of this war

Chris- I am completely played out in this war I can’t believe my hornets ran out now I’m `gonna skedaddle.

Emilio- My pepperbox still has hornets.Would you fancy some?

Grace- I met a new uppity soldier today and I was really angry. He wanted to be my new possum, but I walked away in the middle of one of his stories

Michael: Ah, great, here comes a bugger. Bully! The uppity bloke needs some tar water.

Natalie : Its not like i'm hard knocks but I pretty bruised

Chris- In this war I’m starting to feel like a jailbird

Emilio- I feel top rail number one.

Journal Entry 3

    Dear Cecilia,

Life at Camp Astor in New Jersey has been tough. A new general has ordered that camps work on drills from dawn to dusk. Almost everyone has been punished by carrying a log for a day for not shining their shoes properly! All it is nowadays is drill this, and drill that. I had to cook one night, and the other soldiers threw up their rakfisk! It took two weeks to make it, and they threw it up. I hate this place! But, the sea is a glimmering sapphire, just as it was at home! I long to see your face again after we beat the Johnny Rebs.



Journal Entry 4

Interview with Jeremiah, Page 13

Q: Did you find your brother when you sneaked off to march with him?

A: I finally saw him, and it was amazing. We had a long reunion. I told all about how Mom died, and that how much we need to beat the Yankees for Mother's sake.

Q: Were you punished when they found out they were under the age?

A: No, they needed men, and they used anyone they could get their hands on. I guess they were desperate. After all, the Union had an overwhelming amount of soldiers compared to the South.

Q:  Was being a soldier difficult and surprising?

A: It was a definite shock for me. Waking up early and drilling, being punished for not being completely clean, and that sort. But I still got to see my brother.

Journal Entry 5

Dear Cecilia,

Life at camp here is a bore. When it is the warmer months and it is not the time to fight, all we do is drill from dawn to dusk. When it is the winter months, we sit around, trying to pass time. I myself try to pass the time with my new friends in the war by playing cards, story, and whittling. The food at camp is awful. Bread infested with worms, called hardtack, as it is harder than the steel in my bayonet. I personally wait for the beef that they send to us, as it can be managed. The salt in the meat is enough to start a salt mind! I bury the beef under ground for two weeks, as the salt is shaken off by the sand, then I sear it with hardtack crumbs. It is better than nothing.

With all my love,


P.S.: I sent some hardtack for Bjorn and Eliza. I hope they enjoy it...

Journal Entry 6

Oh Cecilia Jeg lengter etter landet i nord

Oh Cecilia Jeg lengter etter landet mitt hjem

Men nå er dette mitt land

Jeg er en Union kriger og dette mitt hjem

Kanonene fyke og sverdene er brutt

Kampen raser videre, men jeg kjempe på

Kampen raser videre, men jeg raser på

Jeg er en union kriger, og dette er mitt hjem

Drinkene er skjenket og jeg nippe

Så Skål for nå, og kjemper for senere

Så Skål for nå og død for senere

Jeg er en Union kriger, og dette er mitt hjem

Jeg kjemper for frihet og ære for mine forfedre

Og hvis opprørerne ikke dreper meg, vil jeg leve til jeg dør

Og hvis opprørerne drepe meg, så slik skal det være

Jeg er Union kriger, og dette er mitt hjem

og dette er mitt hjem

Og dette er mitt hjem

English Version

Oh Cecilia I long for the north country

Oh Cecilia I long for my home country

But now this is my country

I am a Union warrior and this is my home

The guns blaze and swords are broken

The battle rages on, but I fight on

The battle rages on, but I rage on

I am a Union warrior, and this is my home

Drinks are poured and I sip

So cheers for now and fighting for later

So cheers for now and death for later

I am a Union warrior, and this is my home

I fight for freedom and honor my ancestors

And if the rebels do not kill me, I'll live till I die

And if rebels kill me, so shall it be

I am Union warrior, and this is my home

and this is my home

And this is my home

Journal Entry 7

Dear Cecilia,

The battles are grim, as to be expected. Many die, and after the fighting, the wounded lay on the ground writhing with pain until an amateur medic comes, and places them on a cart back to the camp's hospital. I had a bullet strike my leg, and instead of using a surgical clamp, they used their fingers to extract the bullet! I am fine now, but many soldiers die from these "medical procedures".



Journal Entry 8

Dear Cecilia,

We won the war! The Confederates have admitted defeat. Oh, I am so happy! No more slavery, and the Union is saved. I am coming home soon, and I cannot wait to see my children. Eliza and Bjorn haven't seen me for four years! They will be quite a sight when I get back. I shall see you soon!



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