by Kayley Friedrichs

Its a Medical assistants that work with animals. Vets also provide support for pet owners.

Vet Schooling

When you are a veterinarian you have to have a Professional Degree. Need a PhD, in vet science.  A very major vet school is at Cornell University.

The classes you can take for high school courses for veterinarian are Chemistry,Nutrition, Human Development, and Research Methods.

Job Specifics

The average salary is $64,000

When your a veterinarian you can pick if you want to be a assistants or a Technologist.

Duties of the Job

- Administer anesthetics
-Administer injection

-Operating on Animals

-Diagnoses, and treats diseases and injuries of pets

-Tests dairy herds, horses, sheep, and other animals for diseases

-May specialize in diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases

Advantages and Disadvantages


-High paying
-Easy to find work
-Be around animals all day
-Work with people
-Heal animals
-Save animals


-Telling families the bad news
-Putting animals to sleep
-Seeing suffering animals and their owners don't care
-Get bit
-Getting diseases

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