Arabian Peninsula Envroments and adaptions

By: Ernest Apollon.

The Desert

Tips: The Environment

1. The environment of the desert is hot and dry.

2. When it is summer time in the desert it is 120 degrees F.

3. It is very harsh

4. In wintertime, and can also drop Down to a below freezing point.

5. It makes a lot of storms.

6. In the Desert, it rains for 3 to 4 inches

7. Having no water can last for more than a year.

8. It can also cause floods in the desert.

9. The rain make clumps of grass

10. There were powerful winds

Tips: Adaptation

1. Ara nomads that are being called Bedouins have came.s as you can see on this picture.

2. Camels can survive several days without water. They also eat anything and carry heavy waits.

3. the Ara nomad/Bedouins had migrate sheep, Goat and Camels.

4. They wear loose fitting long gowns and cotton headdresses to protect  them from dust, heat, and flies.

5. They drank milk, made yogurt and cheese, and sometimes ate meat.

6. The animals provided wool and hair for clothing, blankets, and tents, as well as leather hides.

7. The animals provided wool and hair for clothing,blankets, and tents, as well as leather hides.

8. to get things like grain or weapons, Bedouins traded their animal products with merchants from the towns.

9. Merchants operated caravans that carried goods across the desert.


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