Sydney Roy


Why do I think Mesopotamia is an advanced society ?

>Ancient  Mesopotamia<

This is Mesopotamia, which is now modern day Iraq . Also known as the fertile crescent. Mesopotamia is the first evidence of civilization. They created empires, military's, and writing ect.  I think they were a very advanced society  and I am here to prove it to you !


The Sumerians , (are the first type of civilization) created the first empire . This would of had to take a lot of people to think of this. It is a lot to think about taking care of people, creating laws, and  building military's . Hammurabi's code is the first recorded laws  a lot of these laws we still use today . The type of government that they had was a monarchy  some countries still use this type of government right now .


Military takes a lot of minds . You have to have soldiers and in this case a lot of intelligent people to think of this idea! There were a lot of "wars" in Mesopotamia . A lot of civilizations  were taken over by the by other civilizations. Sumerians were taken