Gun Control

Pros and cons

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Theirs two sides to gun control. People think that they should keep guns in their house for protection in case someone breaks in their house. On the other side people dont want them having weapons because a lot of deaths come from guns that people own. My personal opinion on gun control is that people should have the right to bear arms because its in our bill of rights. yea theirs gonna be people out their that are going to use guns for killing but people need guns for self defense as well. The 2nd amendment is responsible for the right to bear arns.

Relevant court cases- Heller vs DC 2008- dick Heller, a security guard, challanged DC law that it was illegal to own a handgun

Printz vs. U.S. 1997 Jay printz- Montana Sheriff: Can i be forced to complete the background checks? Recent news article relevant to the project

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