Congo Population Trends

By: Audrey Azpell

Current Population Trends

In Congo, there is an increase growth rate of 2.7% in human population. Currently, 67.51 million people are living in Congo. It is ranked the 19th country with the highest population on Earth. The median age is 17 years old.

Problems Congo May Encounter

Due to population growth, Congo could:

- Run out of the proper amount of water for each individual/family

-Allow diseases to run quickly throughout their population

-Have a poverty-stricken culture and high child mortality rates

-Have food shortages and scarce supplies needed for a quality human life

-Create a rise in the unemployment rate

-Increase the prices of their goods because the demand has increased

Solutions to These Problems

-Availability of family planning: Set up different counseling centers in order to figure out different families plans and also use birth control.

-Awareness elating to the causes and effects of this issue

-General and reproductive education concerning overpopulation

How This Could Affect the United States:

Congo overpopulating could affect the US. Economics is one aspect that would be affected in Congo by their overpopulation. Trade with other countries, such as the US, would significantly decrease. If a disease broke out in Congo, and some citizens escaped or immigrated to the US, Americans could get infected, and the outbreak could spread into the country.

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