Math 2 Unit 1 Project Full Stop Ahead

This is Activity 1, in which I constructed a table and graphed. You will see that I also calculated negative speeds, but for the graph, I included only positive variables, seeing as s (speed) cannot be negative, as I realized after making a table and rereading the problem.

Making a table to calculate the distance of stopping after certain speeds.
Graph of distance relating to speed. Only included the positive of the parabola.

This is Activity 2, where I completed a graph to judge the length of skid marks depending on certain factors.

Graph calculating skid marks. Four circled speeds are the completed answers.

This is Activity 3. In this section of the project, I used the formula from Activity 1 to determine how fast you should be going in order to stop a safe distance from a car 150 feet away.

My answer: You should be driving no more than 47 mph.

Used the quadratic formula to calculate. Answer: <47 mph.

This is Activity 4. I worked with classmates to summarize and explain the relationship between driving, stopping distances, and skid marks. (I was the voice-over).

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