Blood On The River

Book By: Elisa Carbone
Report by: Jillian Bennett

Food Shortages, Sickness comes, and the Indians Attack

What else could go wrong when Samuel Collier, Richard Mutton, James Brumfield, Reverend Hunt, and Captain John Smith himself embark on an adventure to the New World.  Samuel Collier is an orphan and when he is whisked away to become Captain John Smith's page.  At first he is not very happy about it.  In fact he is terrified that the Indians will invade camp when they get there.  Once they arrive they run into some trouble with the Indians.  Fortunately, Captain Smith speaks the language of the Indians and the the Indian princess Pocahontas helps the new settlers tremendously.  Many will die, few will survive who will it be?

  • "Two thumbs up!"-Jillian Times
  • "Very informative, best book about Jamestown!"-The Bennett Post
  • "Such a great book, one of the best historical fiction books I've read in awhile!"-Jillian Bennett, author of the SoulKeeper

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