How music can effect us

I read the article "Music Resonates Across Cultures, Study Suggests." It described how music can have the same effect on people no matter where they come from. Researchers asked 40 Pygmies from the Congolese rainforest who haven't been introduced to radio, TV, or the internet to listen to there type of music, and unfamiliar western music. The same music was played for amateur musicians in Montreal. Both groups were asked to describe how the music made them feel with emoticons. There was a big difference in wither the music made the happy or sad. However, both groups had similar responses about how exciting or calm it was.

I enjoyed reading this article because I enjoy many types of music and they all make me feel a different kind of way. Just like the article said, both groups had different opinions on wither they liked the music or not. Everybody is different in what they like or dislike, but you can still feel a certain way about the types of music. Like in the article, they both agreed on the music that made them calm or excited even though they might not of liked that kind of music. This is a reason why I enjoy music, because there is always a genre to listen to, depending on how you are feeling.


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