Colleen's Spring Portfolio


Fact: because he needs it so the sun will not get in his eyes when it comes out of the ground. The sun will come then he will come and put his sunglasses.  So he can lay down in the ground and have the sun glasses so he will put it on and sleep.

Jeans: he will need them so he does not have to wear a little tiny thang that covers his bottom. The jeans are to cover up stuff that are not to be shown.  So he can also go walking around with his harp.

Shoes: he will need them because the ground might be hot and when he is running he will need them so he does not get some thing in his foot when he is running.  So he can also run faster than other people.

Bullet proof vest so he does not get shot in the chest and he does not get killed by any thing. So he can not get hurt and he can kill them if they do not have bullet proof vest nod he can kill them.

Shirt he will need it because if he does not have a shirt then the people might make fun of him. He might get cold or he might get hot or some thing so that is why he needs a shirt on his body and he can live.

He will need his ROBE so they know it is Apollo and they will be kind but if he does some thing wrong then they will have to kill him or do some thing bad to him or just let it pass by then they will be better.

He will need a sun on his hat because the people might not know he is part of the sun and he can bring it up and down so they know when it is night and day and the after noon. So the people will bow down to him and say thank you.

He will need a sun phone so he can call people and say I might be late and other stuff like I am going some where and talk to your friends and stuff like. Hey what's up or I am leaving for some thing and I can't remember where I am going.

March 11, 2015

Dear Mr. Sjogren

    Sense Spring Break is almost here. I have a small question to ask. I feel we should wear shorts on Friday, March 13th. There are going to be several reasons why I think it would be a very wise choice. This weather is going to be Fascinating, So we can go outside and work and play, and all the kids will be tan.

    The weather on Friday the forecast is going to be Fascinating. According to, the temperature will be 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It will be sunny and breezy. It is a good day to play outside. The weather will be good.

    The weather will be sassy warm. It will be a good time to work and get exercise in. So we can go and pick up stuff. We can do a lot of stuff that u tell us to do. It will put us in a good mood. It will be fun.

    The weather outside will give us a good tan. So we should be in a good mood for the summer and when we come back from Spring Break. So we won't be whining about its too hot when they are outside in jeans and sweats.

    In conclusion, I feel EGS students should get to wear shorts on Friday, March 13th. Because the weather will be fantastic and sunny. It will make everybody happy. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. You are a good principle.

From your great friend,



Tim's long mustash

        Once apon a time Tim the police man has a long mustash. Tim said he will direct traffic for the day. Because there was a big car crash. Because people where looking at Tim's mustash while driving and then they crashed. 20 cars crash and 15 of the people survived.  They had to go to the hospital but they where fine but they had surgery and they had long beards now. He said he does not know how the crash started.  It was the next day and they lost there mustaches and Tim still dident loose his. Because he was born like that. He went home that day And went to the bathroom he shaved his mustache off so he does not have a mustache any more but then the next morning his mustache came back and he said I know what caused the crash people been looking at my mustache and crash into cars that what. So he went to the shaving mustaches place and he got in shaved off so it did not come back 30 YEARS LATER his mustache came back and then he said who cares about my mustache I don't but then the govener came and said you are obeying the laws and you are going to be put in military school for 10 years. 10 YEARS LATER. He lost his mustache for ever and it never came back. He got married to a lovely wife and had 19 kids and he had problems sometimes with them and he had to go to work and he has a different work now than he got him his own office and He had to stay there till 3:33 that is when his kids got out of school so he got to go pic them up from school. He said to the kids want to go on vacation and they said yes so they went to Kansas City and then Tim's wife died and they had so problems because 14 of them left to got to college.  So tim said yes I only have 5 kids left so he said let's go to jumpin joes and have fun ok the kids said ok and then the kids said we Only have one more year until they go to college and 1 YEAR LATER the kids said bye dad have fun whith out kids he said ok and then dad drove them to the college they want to go and he said good bye. Tim said I got the house to my self and then he got to be 94 years old so he died and his kids when to the funeral and had to go back to school and they had fun at school.

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