Blood a la Soldier

A savory dish that can only be found in zee French trench!

The best place to find delicious humans, the trenches! The soldiers don't bathe very often, and they wear warm clothes that get wet and stay wet easily. This will help you and your offspring to thrive and consume them! Even if we can't get to a human quickly, the trench's conditions will allow us to survive without a human!

This is the area of the world they are best found: the warring areas of France and Germany! This is where the majority of the trenches are, so bon voyage!

As this article shows, we can infect the majority of the people in the trenches- so much food to share! We can also cause diseases such as Trench Fever- which most humans in the trenches don't know! All in all, the trenches are the perfect place to be and the perfect place to utilize our recipe below!

Remember, we as lice need humans to live, as do many other parasites and diseases. The close quarters in the trench, as well as dirty water and moisture, make the perfect place for all of us to feed!

-Find your human target (the younger the better!)

-Attach to his clothing


**Don't forget to lay eggs EVERYWHERE

AVOID FIRE AT ALL COSTS!!!!! They have developed a method of burning the seams of their clothes to drive out pests.

1 human soldier in the trench

The best part about this dish is that it's ABSOLUTELY FREE! Don't forget to tell all your friends about the savory people you can eat in the trench! This dish is not just for lice! Any pests or parasites are welcome to try a taste!

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