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In Honeymoon by James Patterson, Nora Sinclair lives a life that every woman envies. An interior designer that travels around the U.S. to different cities every weekend for what she says is her "job". However, mysterious things happen to all of the men in her life and FBI agent, John O'Hara, can't find out what her dark past holds. While trying to uncover her secrets, he can't help but get to know her more and more; his actions of trying to pursue justice might turn to be described as fatal obsession...?

Number of Stars


I was hooked by the novel since the first chapter. I think the main character, Nora Sinclair, expressed a great deal of emotion from her past and in the present. I think Patterson portrayed that very well. I liked the tension between all the characters; I didn't have a specific pair of characters that I liked together, I think the intensity was great and if you like mystery and holding your breath, this is the novel to read. I like the "on-the-edge-of-my-seat" feel to this book; the action was great. I don't have any complaints or faults about the book.


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