Fashion Terms Assignment

What's is fashion ?

A way to express your values and individuality to other people and for yourself.

What is fashion style?

Fashion fades, style is eternal. Style is impacted by much longer- lasting factors. It is affected by religion, politics, culture, weather, body type, profession, etc.

What is a fashion fad?

A fad is a small (fashion) trend that goes away and dies out. Here are some examples of fashion fads.

What is a fashion classic?

A classic is simple in design. It never goes out of fashion and it may experience slight alternations through the years, but basically the same.

What is fashion Avant-garde?

Avant garde means being at the leading edge or vanguard and is applied to the most advanced, progressive and experimental fashions of the moment and prevents the industry from stagnating. Avant garde fashions that are exhibited on the catwalk are often toned down to create more wearable garments that can be sold in retail shops. Here are some examples of Avant garde fashion:

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