Christmas Lights Webquest

How does the type of circuit affect the strand of Christmas lights with a burned out bulb?

I.V is parallel and series circuit

D.V is Christmas lights

If the Christmas lights are arranged in a parallel circuit then when 1 bulb goes out (is removed) the other bulbs will continue to light up.


On the parallel circuit all of the light bulbs are shining and if you took one away it wouldn't affect any of the others.

On the parallel circuit when we took one away it didn't affect anything or the other bulbs. They are still shining as bright as they were before we took a bulb away.

On the series circuit it looks like all of the lights will be affected when you remove the bulb.

On the series circuit when we removed a bulb all of the light bulbs stopped working.

A parallel circuit is best for using Christmas lights because if one bulb goes out then the rest stay lit and are bright.

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