Circuit Building Reflection

What did you do?

Up to this point in time, I have built a logic probe(second picture), a 555 timer(first picture), and four transistor gates (first picture). The purpose of the logic probe is to determine the positive and negative connections in the circuit it is connected to. To use the logic probe you attach the probe wire of it, to any point on a circuit and it will turn on a green led for negative power, and a red led for positive power. The 555 timer is a simple timer which alternates between powering on and off two red led's similar to the lights at a rail way crossing. The timing of the timer can be shortened or lengthened by changing the resistors and capacitor in the circuit. Finally the transistor gates are used to demonstrate how a series of transistors can be used to determine when to let power or a signal through depending whether or not its two probes are connected to the correct terminals.

What did you learn?

Through the process of building these circuits I have learned, how to recognize resistors by the coloured bands on them, how to interpret a circuit diagram and translate the information given by it into a physical circuit, and I have learned how transistors work through the use of an electric signal and how to use a transistor to determine an electric signal or the correct combinations of electric signals.

What did you enjoy?

I enjoyed the entire process of building the circuits, I find the processes of determining how to translate the diagram to a real circuit as a good way to exercise your mind, and in general the process of building the circuit a lot of fun and enjoyable

What did you not enjoy?

I did not find any part of the projects unenjoyable.

If you had to redo the project, what would you do different?

If I were to redo the project, the only thing I would do different, is print out the circuit diagrams. At times during the process of building the circuits, I made a few mistakes and it was difficult to find what they were as I was not able to cross out objects on the diagram or makes notes on the diagram to determine what I did wrong.

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