Technology Tools for the Classroom - Discovery Lesson

Teach Like a Pirate Lesson Hooks

The Teaser Hook

Technology can be found anywhere - make sure to keep your eyes open.  Integrating technology into each lesson should be fun.  Check out the video below.  For more fun theory videos visit the link below.

The Board Message

As the students walk into class, the students will find a QR Code image on the board with the instructions to download a QR Reader on their mobile device and to follow the instructions from the QR code to complete a quick warm-up activity.

Kinesthetic Hook

Pair up students by their technology level.  Ask the students to line up in order of their technology experience beginning with the most experienced and ending with those students that feel less experienced.  Take the first student and pair him up with the last student, the second student will be paired with the second to last student and so on until each student has been paired up with a student of a different technology level.

The Picasso Hook

After the students have been paired up they will introduce themselves (name, grade, technology level and why they lined up in that spot).  As a pair the students will create a Gami using the Tellegami app.  The students will create their Gami to closely resemble themselves.  They will then have the Gami record their introductions of each other.

Safari Hook

Give the students a technology challenge.  Have the students step out of their comfort zone and take their mobile device learning outside.  Have the students walk around the school (TEACHER SUPERVISED) with a list of things to do.  Provide the students with the apps to be used to complete the task (camera, notes, iMovie, etc.)

Have the students:

  • take a selfie with the school mascot (explain why the campus chose that mascot)
  • take a selfie next next a great bulletin board and explain what makes it great
  • take a selfie/groupie with their favorite library book - get librarians permission first (explain which part of the book is your favorite and why)
  • take a selfie with a plant, tree, greenery (identify what type of plant it is)
  • take a selfie with a staff member (explain what the staff member's job is)
  • etc.

Dance and Drama Hook

Have the students use the Camera app on their device to create a lip-sync video of a famous/great speech done by a famous person (Gettysburg Address, I Have a Dream, The Pearl Harbor Speech, The Shuttle Disaster, The Resignation Speech, etc.).

Interior Design Hook

Line your wall with green butcher paper or purchase a piece of green material and create your own green screen stage.  Download a green screen app from the App Store and have the students create their own green screen videos.