Digital Citizenship Parent Guide

Digital Access

Digital Access is the full electronic participation in society.The understanding of digital access is an important factor of being a good digital citizen because without this information your child is pretty much clueless about how the digital world came around and will not fully understand how by using the internet they are essentially a part of something bigger then whatever electronic device they are connected with.

  • The child should be taught about what digital divide is and what being a digital native is.
  • The history of the internet which includes, when, who, what, why, where, and how the rules regarding the internet have evolved and how the internet its self has evolved.
  • How the internet has effected society. How have we become dependent on the the internet. The before and after point of view.
  • WATSON. What are futures possibilities for technology. What are new break through in technology or maybe new findings.

Digital Law

Digital Law is the rules and regulations of the cyber world, learning what you are personally responsible for and what is not legal. Just like it is important to know the everyday laws or our world, you should know the laws of the internet, otherwise how can you be a law abiding citizen.

  • Fair Use- rights of the public to use copyrighted material. The right and wrong way to go about using something copyrighted.
  • COPYRIGHT- rights of the creator/developer, how to get something copyrighted, how to report infringement.
  • SOPA/PIPA - What are these acts, when/ why were they enforced. Were they successful. Are there any similar acts around right now?
  • How laws are formed and how to properly follow them. What are some overhead laws that they should know, and how to specifically follow those.

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is the teaching and learning of technology and its use. It is important always to know basics. It is more important to know resources and how to use something effectively. Without digital literacy, your child may find his/herself doing a lot of unnecessary work.

  • Learning basic shortcuts and terminology, teaching your child the parts of the computer and teaching them about applications, just basic beginner facts.
  • Knowing search engines+ their strengths and weaknesses/ website reliability, how to detect a reputable website from one that isn't and teaching what search engine is good for what search inquiry.
  • Online research techniques- Explaining what the search engines and computer respond well too, and what they do not respond well too.
  • How technology has been made accessible to those with special needs, what that says about teconolgy+ the pros and cons.

Digital Health And Wellness

Digital health and wellness focuses on the physical and physiological health in the digital technology world. It is important to know the negative and positive effects technology can have on you physically and mentally. That way these things can either be avoided or embraced.
-Ergonomics-Posture/ eyesight/ physical abilities, and how they can be worsened, weakened,
- Discuss internet addiction. Teach them what is believed about the subject yet allow the child to make his/her own decision.
-How technology affects psychologically
-How our technology dependency effects our intellectual ability/effiencey.

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